Oral Presentations

Oral presentations have been divided amongst 5 parallel sessions: Outreach, Policy, Mapping/Modeling, Quantifying, and Valuing.
All presentations have been 5 minutes to have a significantly larger audience, to allow everyone to introduce their work to more of the conference participants and leave more time for further discussion and interaction during the 2 days of working groups.
The working groups have been more interactive ways of communicating and producing outcomes and solutions, such as peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, databases, websites, reports, or whatever makes sense for that group.

Below you find a Alphabetical list of the presentation of this all presentations of the 5 session with links to the submitted abstracts and the PDFs of the actual presentations, if made available.

Aguilar-González, Bernardo: ESV and Environmental Conflict Resolution: The Controversial Crucitas Gold Mine Project in Costa Rica
Altwegg, Jurg: Integrating ecosystem services in sustainable spatial planning—a modelling approach
Anderson, Richard: New Modeling Approaches Using Influence Diagrams To Improve Management Of Oysters, Oyster Reefs, And The Ecosystem Services They Produce
Appleton, Jack: Begin by Including Participants' Values in the Eco-Systems Services Process
Aretano, Roberta: Landscape change and ecosystem services in small islands: objective vs subjective assessments
Atlin, Cole: Are invasive alien species pollutants?
Balasubramanian, Muniyandi: Managing the Ecosystem Services and Poverty Reduction in Irula Tribe Community, Tamil Nadu, India
Balasubramanya, Soumya: Economic Incentives in Hydropower Watersheds in the uplands of Nepal.
Bamutaze, Yazidhi: Spatial and temporal analysis of vegetation and crop responses to climate risk in Northern Uganda: Implications to food security and livelihoods of smallholder farmers
Baptiste, Brigitte LG: Self-Designed Rol Games and the building of Ecological Structures as a tool for biodiversity management at the landscape scale: a case study for the Páramo of Rabanal (Colombia).
Baral, Himlal: Broad-scale reconfiguration production landscape for multiple ecosystem goods and services: a case study of north-central Victoria, Australia
Barnes, Richard: Automated Identification of Remediable Wetlands for Water Filtration and Biofuel
Barnes, Richard: Tracting the Intractable: Efficient Methods for Modeling Ecosystems at the Level of Individuals
Batker, David: The 21st century utility: accounting for natural capital
Batker, David: The economics of change: catalyzing the investment shift toward a healthy, restorative built environment
Beaumont, Nicola: The impact of ocean acidification on marine ecosystem services
Beeks, Jay: Cascade Mountains Wind Farm An Exploratory Feasibility Study
Bender, Helena: Sustainability: from systems to emergence
Bennett, Drew: Local Ecosystem Services Marketplaces: Public Utilities as Development Drivers
Berbes, Marta: From ecosystem services to ecosystem benefits: Managing trade-offs in human well-being in agricultural communities in Costa Rica
Bijoy Nandan, Sivasankaran: Impact of Global climate change on the biotic production potential in the coastal wetland ecosystems of India and its possible management measures
Black, Peter: Assessing the 75-year-old U.S. Flood Control Program
Boumans, Roelof: Decision support for ecosystem-based management of the Massachusetts coast: Evaluating ecosystem service tradeoffs in a spatially explicit, dynamic context
Braat, Leon: TEEB-Netherlands
Bradshaw, Corey: iREDD hedges against avoided deforestation's unholy trinity of leakage, permanence and additionality
Braun de Torrez, Elizabeth: Bats, bugs and pecans: the role of insectivorous bats in a pecan agroecosystem in central Texas
Brils, Jos: Eco-Dynamic Design: an innovative way to boost ecosystem services when realizing infrastructure
Brils, Jos: Key-factors to successful application of ecosystem services in regional water resources management
Buckley, Mark: Economic challenges for no net loss of ecosystem service mitigation, with a Portland case study
Buckley, Timothy: Lake Erie's Public Health-Related Ecosystem Services: Vulnerability and Value for Ohioans
Buyinza, Mukadasi: Ecological-economic models for valuation of Mt. Elgon Forest Park, eastern Uganda
Carter, Jacoby: The integration of ecological services and conservation values in a USGS minerals assessment for southeastern Madagascar
Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca: Ecosystem service planning: using InVEST to improve decision-making
Cheyne, Christine: The importance of wetlands for resilient urban environments: improving recognition of ecosystem services in land-use planning
Chobotova, Veronika: Effects of payment schemes on collective action and ecosystem services
Clarke, Daniel: Monetary Valuation of Ecosystsem Services for National Accounts
Cole, Henry: Nature's Free University: A Course on Economic Success
Crossman, Neville: Using ecosystem services to measure the benefits of reducing diversions of freshwater in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
Davies, Brent: Partners with Nature: Developing Scenarios for Ecosystem Services and Resilience in the Greater Portland Region
Dhungana, Sindhu: Payment or Participation? Advancing discourses in upstream-downstream communities in light of forest ecosystem commons in Nepal
Dias, Goretty: The Norfolk County Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program as a community-based model for ecosystem services implementation
Dinda, Soumyananda: A Payment Mechanism for Ecological Services: A Case Study
Dissanayake, Sahan: Optimum Land Management for Species Protection Given Alternative Land Uses: Conservation Reserve Design within US Military Installations
Dissanayake, Sahan: Valuing ecosystem restoration: tradeoffs, experience and design
Dong, Xiaobin: Evaluation the changing of ecosystem services and human well-being of north China grassland based on the of herdsman questionnaire
Drakou, Evangelia: Mapping of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services. The Caribbean case
Durance, Isabelle: Probing the link between biodiversity, ecological function and river ecosystem services
Dvarskas, Anthony: Valuing Ecosystem Service Benefits From Coastal Restoration
Eastwood, Meaghan: Using a common goal for community well-being as the foundation for the renewal of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority strategic plan
Ervin, David: Rural and Urban Ecosystem Services: Substitutes or Complements?
Esmaeili, Abdoulkarim: Valuation of water in hydroelectric generation
Farrell, Katharine: History Repeating: a theoretical exploration of Payments for Ecosystem Services as a new form of Intellectual Mercantilism
Ferris, Joseph: Incorporating ecosystem services valuation with environmental impact assessment for an offshore oil field development
Flores, Lola: 21st Century Washington
Frelichova, Jana: Long-term impacts of land use and climate change on agricultural ecosystem services in the Czech Republic
Gaddis, Erica: Methodological improvements to local Genuine Progress Indicator Studies based on the Utah GPI study
Gaetz, Noah: Landscape Character as the foundation for human well-being: A new approach to landscape planning in the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Ontario, Canada
Gaetz, Noah: The evolving role of Conservation Authorities in helping to ensure sustainable human well-being at the local landscape, Ontario, Canada
Garmestani, Ahjond: Urban water resources, the Clean Water Act and the consent decree process
Gartner, Todd: Green vs. Grey Infrastructure Analysis: Using Incentives to Connect Forests, Water, and Communities
Ghaley, Bhim Bahadur: Valuing Ecosystem Services: Quantification and Valuation in Diverse Ecosystems
Gieseke, Tim: Symbiotic Demand: An economic means to apportion ecoservice costs and values
González Jimenez, David: Incorporating ecosystem services into hotel management strategies: A case study analysis of Bahías de Huatulco, México
Gorla, Lorenzo: Eco-sustainability of dynamic flow releases generated by considering the environment as a non-traditional water user
Gray, Gerry: Opportunities for Urban Forestry Projects in California’s Carbon Offset Markets
Greenwalt, Travis: Valuation of Benefits of Forest Management Practices in the Santa Ana Watershed
Greenwalt, Travis: Water Rights Valuation
Haggerty, Mark: A Payments for Ecosystem Services Approach to Align County Payments with the U.S. Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule
Halsey, Kevin: Balancing Complexity and Simplicity in Ecosystem Services Analysis
Harich, Jack: Solving the Sustainability Problem with Root Cause Analysis
Hellquist, AlexanderGetting Urban Espa Schemes Off The Ground—Experiences From A Training Program
Hermann, Anna: A framework for participatory landscape planning, a case study for the sustainable implementation of the redesigned biosphere reserve “Neusiedler See”
Hjerpe, Evan: Valuation of Tongass National Forest Ecosystem Services
Hoar, PeterRecommendations on Developing Successful Ecosystem Services Projects to Support Military Training: Soliciting Ideas from Landowners, Conservation Stakeholders, Regulators, and Investors
Honey-Roses, JordiManaging Ecosystem Services To Meet Stream Temperature Objectives In The Llobregat River, Spain
Honey-Roses, Jordi: Urban Ecosystem Services and Technological Change
Hotte, Ngaio: Ecological-financial deficits of nations
Howard, Kirsten: Stakeholder Engagement in Ecosystem Service Assessments
Huber-Stearns, Heidi: Linking upstream and downstream priorities: A catalog and typology of incentive-based watershed programs in the western United States
Hussain, Anwar: A Meta-Analysis of Public Willingness to Pay for Riparian Ecosystem Services
Håkansson, Cecilia: International agreements and multifaceted preferences: The case of nitrogen vs. phosphorus in the Baltic Sea
Håkansson, Cecilia: The cost of accidental oil spills in the Arctic
Jenkins, Aaron: Enhancing Ecosystem Service Production: A Case Study of Farmland in Eastern North Carolina
Jones, Bruce: Landscape Design and Ecosystem Services: Taking Advantage of What's in the Kitchen Cupboard
Kandziora, Marion: Quantification and mapping of ecosystem services in Northern Germany
Karlovits, Kayleigh: Epidemiological Modeling of the Mountain Pine Beetle Spread
Klass, Keren: Linking ecosystem function, management and decision-making: Israel's National Ecosystem Services Program
Kojima, Satoshi: Welfare implication of stated willingness-to-pay: a new approach to sustainable ecosystem use policy analysis
Kopperoinen, Leena: The interrelationship of multiple dwelling and cultural ecosystem services in Finland
Koveshnikova, Tatiana: The Importance of Ecosystem Services to Human Well-Being in the Credit River Watershed (Ontario, Canada)
Landers, Dixon: How to Classify and Measure Ecosystem Services to Connect to Human Well Being? Is there an Answer?
Leimona, Beria: Reconciling multiple ecological knowledge systems for rewarding watershed services in the uplands of Indonesia
Li, Larry: Fuzzy Modeling Approach to Characterize and Measure Ecosystem Services
Lin, Chih: Fallow ground for sustainable dietary patterns: pulses as a source of protein and micronutrients
Liu, Junguo: Ecosystem services and management for human well-being: case studies from China
Lloyd, Alicia Claire: Co-benefits and co-costs of REDD forest carbon offsets: Multiple policies to account for market interactions of multiple ES
Loft, Lasse: Who 'should' benefit and why?: Navigating the benefit-sharing debate for REDD+
Lohrer, Drew: Shallow marine habitats contribute productivity in support of spatially separated ecosystem services
Lu, Hongfang: Donor-Utility value dynamics of ecosystem services provided by subtropical forest following succession in Southeast China
Lyons, Kenneth: Incorporating uncertainty in spatially explicit economic valuation and trade off analysis of ecosystem services
Ma, Shan: Enlisting Ecosystem Services: Quantification and Valuation of Ecosystem Services to Inform Military Base Management—The Case of Ft. Lewis
Madureira, Livia: Mapping ecosystem services as an informational tool to support Natural Park conservation policy: An application for the regional NP of Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Madureira, Livia: Valuing ecosystem services as an informational tool to support Natural Park conservation policy: An application for the regional NP of Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Maes, Joachim: Mainstreaming ecosystem services into EU policy
Mann, Carsten: Strategies for creating fit of policy instruments to institutional, cultural and biophysical context conditions—The case of conservation banking in California
Marcelo, Diniz: Valuation of the Ecosystem Services of the Amazon: an estimate proposal on the basis of the opportunities cost of forest conservation
Martin, Summer: Is fishing really worth more than biodiversity? A case study in the oceanic eastern tropical Pacific
Maynard, Simone: Classifying Ecosystem Services
Maynard, Simone: It's Alive! The SEQ Ecosystem Services Framework comes to life!
McGee, Timothy: AskPlace: An emergent need for translating the wisdom of ecological information for sustainable development
McLain, Rebecca: Integrating cultural values into ecosystem services mapping: A pilot project on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA
McNeil, David: Bridging the interface between academia and business: Methodological approaches for aiding decision making in the context of the health and wellbeing benefits of the natural environment
McPhearson, P.Timon: Non-economic ecosystem services assessment of urban land in the New York City social-ecological system
Messina, Joseph: Modeling Ecosystem Services over Space and Time: the case of African Trypanosomiasis in Kenya
Molnar, Jennifer: Seeking solutions for business and nature: Incorporating ecosystem services into corporate decisions
Neale, Anne: Provisional The National Atlas for Sustainability: Mapping Ecosystem Services in the Contiguous United States for Increased Awareness in Science, Policy, and Decision Making
Nedkov, Stoyan: Water Regulation Ecosystem Services: Mapping Supply and Demand
Nelson, Harry: Introducing PES on Public Lands: the experience from BC
Nemec, Kristine: Effect of Diversity and Seeding Density on Ecosystem Services in Grassland Restorations
Nugent, Conn: ES in DC: How to Talk to Washington Politicians
Onaindia, Miren: Identifying hotspots or priority areas for multiple ecosystem services to enhance sustainable land management
Orloff, Chet: Museum of the City: Presenting Sustainability to International Audiences
Ormerod, Steve: Lessons from the UK National Ecosystem for Freshwaters
Orvar, Jon: Framework for valuing soil ecosystem services
Palacios, Igone: The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in Biscay: a local and integrative approach to enhance the link between science, policy-making and society
Palomo, Ignacio: Land use change and ecosystem services simplification around protected areas
Pandit, Ram: The effect of street trees on property value in Perth, Western Australia: A spatial hedonic analysis
Park, Siyoung: How to Save Endangered Tidal Environments: A Solution to Recover from Environmental Mismanagement in Saemangeum Seawall, Korea
Perez-Maqueo, Octavio: Using four capitals for watershed sustainability
Persson, Martin: Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): understanding the determinants of impact and behavioral responses to policy intervention
Phelan, Anna (Anya): Social Sustainability comes of age: incorporating social capital into project planning
Pieranunzi, Danielle: Using Economics to Value Ecosystem Services in Site Design
Potschin, Marion: Modelling the ecosystem service cascade
Raes, Leander: Environmental and socio-economic impacts of three mechanisms that finance nature conservation and rural development in the buffer zone of Podocarpus National Park in Ecuador
Rao, Nalini: Ecosystem based Adaptation or Engineering Solutions for Storm Protection: An Economic Framework to Aid Decision-making
Rawlins, Maurice: Implementing the Project for Ecosystem Services in Trinidad and Tobago
Russell, Marc: Ecosystem goods and services mapped at a neighborhood scale
San Miguel, Patricia: A policy framework of REDD-plus for sustainable forest and water management in the state of Pahang, peninsula Malaysia
Schei, Rondi: Evaluating the Demand for Ecosystem Service Credit Markets
Schmidt, Rowan: Using ecosystem service valuation to support markets for riparian areas: Eugene Water and Electric Board case study
Schultz, Tobias: Addressing Ecosystem Impacts in LCA-based Ecolabels
Schweizer, Peter: Ecosystem Goods and Services: Monetizing Fish Species Richness in Ecosystem Valuation
Sebesvari, Zita: Ecosystem services and food security in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Serrenho, André: Natural resource accounting: exergy to useful work analysis in Portugal from 1856 to 2009
Shammin, Md: A study of the economic, social, and ecological value of urban agriculture in Cleveland
Sims, Charles: How Ecosystem Service Provision Can Increase Forest Mortality from Insect Outbreaks
Skourtos, Michalis: Operationalizing ecosystem services: Framing non-market, stated preference surveys on the basis of Service Providing Units
Smith, Lisa: A U.S. Human Wellbeing Index (HWBI) for evaluating the influence of economic, social and ecological service flows
Smith, Nikola: Applying an Ecosystem Service Framework to Collaborative Land Management
SobheeSanjeev Kumar: Myopia, Real Wage Effects And Eco-System Degradation
Solgaard, Anne: Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services: Realising Nature's Value
Spangenberg, Joachim H.: The role of demand for defining, determining and quantifying ecosystem services
Steele, Nancy: Sustainable water management: the critical role for non-governmental organizations in development of multiple benefit projects
Sullivan, Tim: Application of Critical Loads and Ecosystem Services Principles to Assessment of the Effects of Atmospheric Sulfur and Nitrogen Deposition on Acid-Sensitive Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources
Takada, Tomoki: Civil Construction: An Approach to Community-Based Environmental Restoration
Tanik, Aysegul: Analysis of urban environments using V-I-S components model
Tomscha, Stephanie: Shifts landscape multi-functionality: Mapping historical and contemporary ecosystem services in an Interior Columbia floodplain
Townsend, Michael: Using an "Ecosystem Principles Approach" to integrate ecological information into Goods and Services
van Noordwijk, Meine: Efficient and fair incentives for supporting landscape-level environmental services: evolving practice and paradigms of Payments for Ecosystem Services
Verma, Madhu: Eco-Efficient Business Leads to Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development
Verma, Madhu: Measuring and Incentivizing Agroecosystems to ensure Food and Livelihood Security
von Haaren, Christina: Application Context, Challenges and Solutions for Assessing Biodiversity Services in Agro-Ecosystems
Werner, Sandra: Framework for characterizing environmental sensitivities through the application of ecosystem services
Willemen, Louise: Understanding ecosystem service dynamics; linking ecosystem services to people
Williams, Daniel: Ecosystem Services and Watershed Planning
Woldeamanuel, Yoseph: The impact of in biodiversity and rehabilitation of the degraded areas of Semen (Northern) Shewa, central highlands, Ethiopia Yoseph Assefa, Asnake Atakure and Melaku Wondafrash
Wunder, Sven: Payments for environmental services: revisiting definitions and institutional preconditions
Wyse, Barbara: Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Socioeconomic Impact Analysis: A Practical Framework
Wyse, Barbara: Potential and Pitfalls of Benefits Transfer to Value Ecosystem Services
Wyse, Barbara: Prioritizing Natural Resource Management Planning Using Ecosystem Service Valuation: Case of Tennesee Valley Authority
Yedla, Sudhakar: Urban Forestry and Ecological Services in an Indian Metropolitan City—A Review and Assessment
Yamaguchi, Rintaro: Genuine savings of renewable resources: the case of an earthquake impact valuation
Yin, Runsheng: Designing and Implementing Payments for Ecosystem Services Programs: Lessons Learned from China's Experience of Cropland Restoration
Younkin, Mary: Examining the relationship between ecosystem service characteristics and their management: A case study of Hawaii's watersheds and coasts
Yu, Dandan: A new estimate for Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve in Supporting Services and Human Well-being
Yu, Xueying: Policy Certainty and Sustainable Supply of Ecosystem Service—Evidence from China's Reforestation Projects
Zhou, Yan: Assessment of China’s Ecosystem Service and Its Diver of Changes

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