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The ESP 10th world conference took place in Hannover, Germany from 21-25 October, 2019. It was in Germany that we first started our ESP conferences in 2008. Hence, we decided to celebrate our 10th world conference anniversary in Germany.

10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future

The ESP10 conference locations were the Leibniz University for the opening day on Monday, and the Hannover Congress Centre for the rest of the conference. More than 750 delegates from all over the world participated in this conference.

The conference program included a variety of activities. Seven keynote speakers reflected on the conference theme from different perspectives and more than fifty break-out sessions took place. Delegates could additionally register for pre-conference trainings, a conference dinner and field trips.

On Thursday a Business day was organised to encourage dialogue between business representatives and researchers to stimulate the application of the ecosystem services concept in business operations.


We are happy to announce that ESP10 conference was a success and we hope you enjoyed it and gained lots of insights and experience. Below we provide you with some last conference announcements:

Conference proceedings

All collected presentations and outcomes are available here. If your presentation is not included in the sessions, but you would like us to upload it or if you wouldn't like your presentation uploaded on the website, please contact us at conference@es-partnership.org with the session name.

Conference survey

We are pleased that 21% of the conference delegates filled out the conference survey. Overall, the ESP10 conference was highly appreciated, but of course there is always room for improvement. Please read more about the survey results and learnings here.

Conference photos

The official pictures from the conference opening day are available on our Flickr page. More photos coming soon! If you have also made some pictures and you'd like to share them with us, you can email them to conference@es-partnership.org. 

CO2 compensation 

The CO2 compensation units were collected and total of €1240 was handed to a local project, the Moor Futures. Thank you all for supporting the local environmental project.

Leibniz and the Origin of Earth

Read the full speech of our special Monday surprise guest - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. 











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 event registration made easy