Business Day

Improve the Application of the Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital Concepts in Business 

To stimulate the application of the ecosystem services concept in business activity, the ESP is organising a business-focused day on Thursday that will run in parallel to the rest of the ESP10 program. The  Business Day will encourage dialogue between business representatives and researchers to stimulate the application of the ecosystem services concept in business operations. It will attract business representatives currently working with ecosystem services and natural capital scientists supporting the application of the concepts in business operations.

The Business Track will consist of several program elements. The morning will open with keynote speakers discussing their experiences of using ecosystem service concepts in business. Several business sessions targeted at different sectors are organised in parallel to the rest of the conference sessions. Throughout the day a market place will provide opportunities for researchers, businesses and policy makers to promote their work and see what other activities are ongoing in this space. We specifically encourage (young) researchers to pitch why their research is relevant to the private sector.

The ESP10 Business Track follows on from the success of the business tracks held during last year's ESP regional conferences (MENA, Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean).

The ESP10 Business Track is co-organised by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and VITO and supported by EKLIPSE.

ES in Business Session 

Ecosystem Service Research Application in Corporate Action: Increasing Impact, Unlocking Opportunity and Driving Innovation via the ESP Business Track

During the session several business representatives will share their ecosystem services experiences from the perspective of their corporate practices, with the objective of stimulating the academic community to better understand what ecosystem services means to private sector stakeholders and how they can be part of the ongoing drive to incorporate the concept into corporate action.

The objectives of this session(s) are:

1.  Showcase business cases which relate to natural capital and ecosystem services, and understand how the private sector are considering and implementing ecosystem services concept and identify challenges of implementation and barriers to uptake of the concept (to be presented by business representatives); 

2. showcase projects of researchers who have been partnering with the private sector;

3. contribute thinking to solutions to overcome the identified challenges businesses encounter to uptake and implement the concepts;

4.discuss and develop ideas on how to scale up science-business collaboration by identifying the types of projects and knowledge provision that helps to unlock opportunities and drive innovation; and

5. discuss how the ESP community would like to shape the business track and future role of Sectoral Working Group 6: Ecosystem Services in Business for the benefit of researchers and the private sector users of knowledge.

The aim is to organise three distinct sessions throughout the day focussing on different business sectors, likely to be: a) food & beverages, b) extraction industry, c) financial industry.

Ecosystem Services Market Place

During the Business track attendees will have the opportunity to showcase your project, business, product or organisation at the Ecosystem Services market place. You will be able to reserve a stand at the market place. More information regarding the costs of the stand and the procedure to reserve a stand will follow soon.

Keynote Speeches

Currently, keynote speaker(s) are being approached. Once we have the keynote speaker confirmed more information will be provided.


The business day is supported by:


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