Business Day

Improve the Application of the Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital Concepts in Business 

To stimulate the application of the ecosystem services concept in business activity, the ESP is organising a business-focused day on Thursday that will run in parallel to the rest of the ESP10 program. The  Business Day will encourage dialogue between business representatives and researchers to stimulate the application of the ecosystem services concept in business operations. It will attract business representatives currently working with ecosystem services and natural capital scientists supporting the application of the concepts in business operations.

The Business Track will consist of several program elements. The morning will open with several keynote speakers discussing their experiences of using ecosystem service concepts in business in a panel discussion. Afterwards, three ES in Business sessions targeted at different sectors are organised in parallel to the rest of the conference sessions. Throughout the day a market place will provide opportunities for researchers, businesses and policy makers to promote their work and see what other activities are ongoing in this space. During the afternoon break, the ES in practice award flash talks will take place. We specifically encourage (young) researchers to pitch why their research is relevant to the private sector.

The ESP10 Business Track follows on from the success of the business tracks held during last year's ESP regional conferences (MENA, Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean).

The ESP10 Business Track is co-organised by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and VITO and supported by EKLIPSE.

Keynote Speeches

The Business day plenary session will both have a keynote speech related to the Ecosystem Services in Business topic and will host a panel of several business representatives.

Firstly, Lucy Emerton (Environment Management Group, UK) will provide her keynote speech; Building the economic and business case for investing in ecosystem services".

This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with several representatives from the business sector: "Advancing Business and Science collaboration".

Panellists are: Carolyn Jewell (Biodiversity and Natural Resources Senior Manager, HeidelbergCement), Roel Nozeman (Senior Advisor Biodiversity, ASN bank),  and Mark Gough of the Natural Capital Coalition. Moderator: Lucy Emerton.

For more information, please see the keynote speaker page.

ES in Business Sessions (session ID S6)

Three sessions are organised to advance Business-Science collaboration. One session focuses on the finance sector, one on the industry at large and one will discuss the way to advance science-business collaboration in future. Please click here for more information.

Market place

Throughout the business day several institutions will have stands to showcase their work. Please click here for more information and an overview of the standholders.

ES in practice award

Prior to the ESP10 conference an open call will be organised to select 10 applicants (10 years ESP) to present their application examples. At an open stage these applicants will provide an elevator pitch during the afternoon break from 15:00-16:30. The best three pitches will be selected by representatives from the practice community. The best three pitches will be invited to pitch once more during the closing session on Friday. The best pitch will be elected interactively by the ESP10 audience in the closing session. The winner will be provided with the 'ES in practice award'. Click here for more information.


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