Call for abstracts

We have the pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract for a presentation to the First regional African Ecosystem Service Partnership Conference. The conference will host many sessions around ESP's thematic working groups, sector-oriented sessions and open topic sessions.

The sessions address important topics of ecosystem services integrating science, practice and policy perspectives. There are more than 20 sessions between which you can choose the one that is to your liking.

The online abstract submission system is open from 15 July to 4 September. Please have a look at the session descriptions to select which session suits your expertise best and to prepare your abstract. The sessions which state CLOSED only allow presentations by invited speakers and not voluntary abstracts.


Author guidelines

We kindly request you to follow the following guidelines for your abstract submission:

  • Document type: Word 
  • Text font: Verdana
  • Font size: 10
  • Maximum number of words: 300
  • Maximum amount of keywords: 5
  • Order of presented information:
    • Title
    • Presenting author
    • Other authors
    • Primary affiliation
    • Abstract text (maximum 300 words)
    • Keywords


Type of submission


There are three different types of contributions you can choose from within this system:

  • Voluntary contribution: Please select a first and second session of your choice so we can forward your abstract to the session of your 2nd choice  in case your abstract will be rejected by the host of your preferred session.
  • Poster abstract: If you wish to submit an abstract which you would like to present as a poster during the conference. Seperate poster sessions will be held. In order to cluster the poster thematically, we ask you to select the session into which your poster fits best.
  • Invited speaker abstract: If you were personally invited to present your abstract by the session host(s). Please do submit your abstract to if you would like your abstract to appear in the book of abstracts. 

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