All presentations from the conference (plenaries, workshops and keynotes) are now available online for viewing and download! 

You can find them in PDF format by clicking on the links below.


Open topic/special sessions

O1 - Measuring sustainability for the Sustainable Development Goals

O2 - Collective action for ecosystems management and food security sustenance in Africa

O3 - Empowering Local Communities using Low-key Ecosystem Services Assessment and Valuation toolkits and methodology

O4 - Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

O5 - Ecosystem services in Landscape approach

O6 - Macro-economic policies and ecosystem services

O7 - Youth Perspectives on Ecosystem Services

O8 - Open Topic Session


Sector-oriented sessions

S1a - Agricultural landscapes and ecosystem services as solution space for the SDGs

S1c - Perennial grasses and their ecosystem services in smallholder crop-livestock mixed farming system of Eastern Africa

S1d - Bioenergy and ecosystem services: Exploring trade-offs at the energy, food, environment and poverty nexus in Africa

S3b - Forests trees for carbon and non carbon benefits 

S7 - Nature-based Tourism & Recreation in Africa for Sustainable Development 


Thematic working group sessions

T6b - Understanding nexus of ecosystems and human health to achieve SDGs in Africa

T7a - Estimating the Economic Value of Ecosystem Services for Better Decision Making

T13 - An alternative approach to restoring communities & ecosystem services

T14 - Enhancing ecosystem services by managing soil for water

T15 - Improving the evidence base for the links between enhanced ecosystem service generation and rural livelihood benefits

T16 - Linking Sustainable Development to Payments for Ecosystem Services – Exploring the effectiveness of PES at different scales in Africa

T18b - Key Policy Messages to Help Deliver the Sustainable Development Goals


Monday 21 of November

Tuesday 22 of November


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy