Session overview

Below you can find both the overview of all conference sessions and the Book of Abstracts per session. The sessions were clustered according to the ESP Working Groups structure: Biome (B), Sectoral (S) and Thematic (T) Working Groups. Also, General Sessions (G) and Other Sessions (O) were organized.

By clicking on the clusters, you will be directed to that cluster. Each cluster consists of several sessions. When you click the session title the Book of Abstracts for that session will open. The Book of Abstracts per session contains three sections: 1) session description, 2) session program, 3) abstracts to be presented in that session.

Links to the ESP Working Groups are included to show the linkages between the conference sessions and the ESP community in general.

B. Biome Working Group Sessions

G. General Sessions

O. Other Sessions

S. Sectoral Working Group Sessions

T. Thematic Working Group Sessions


B. Biome Sessions

BWG 1 – Marine systems
BWG 2 – Freshwater systems
BWG 3 – Forests & Woodlands
BWG 5  – Mediterranean systems
BWG 8 – Polar regions & High mountains
BWG 9 – Rural landscapes
BWG 10 – Urban systems

B- Poster Book of Abstracts

G. General Sessions

G- Poster Book of Abstracts

O. Other Sessions


S. Sectoral Working Group Sessions

SWG 1 – ES in Agricultural production systems
SWG 5 – ES in Water management

SWG 10 – ES in the circular (bio-)economy

S- Poster Book of Abstracts

T. Thematic Sessions

TWG 2 – Biodiversity & Ecosystem services
TWG 3 – ES Indicator

TWG 4 – Mapping ES

TWG 5 – Modeling ES
TWG 6 – Integrated valuation of ES 
TWG 8 – Cultural services & Values
TWG 9 – ES & Public health
TWG 10 – ES in Trade-off analysis & Project evaluation
TWG 11 – Global ES Flow
TWG 14 – Application of ES in Planning & Management
TWG 17 – ES Accounting & Greening the economy
TWG 18 – Governance & Institutional aspects

T- Poster Book of Abstracts

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 event registration made easy