4th ESP Europe 2022 in video and other media: 

We are ESP #esp22europe

During the conference we asked some of our members to share their experience with ESP and their wishes for the future of the partnership. Curious? Watch the video!

The Framework Project at #esp22europe

The Framework Project explores how to better value natural capital in our agrifood system. They joined #esp22europe with a wonderful session on Tuesday (download BoA). Watch the short video produced by project partner Taskscape Associates here and a longer version with more insight to the project here.


One Ecosystem & Pensoft: Poster prizes at #esp22europe

Journal One Ecosystem and publisher Pensoft provided generous prizes for the three best poster talks at the conference. Read more about it here.

SELINA at the 4th ESP Europe Conference

Recently launched Horizon EU project SELINA was represented by multiple members and partners at the conference. Read more about their involvement here.

LIFE at ESP Europe

The LIFE Programme participated in the conference with different projects and sessions. Read more about their involvement here.

Contracts2.0 at ESP Europe

The researchers working in the Contracts2.0 project were well represented and hosted several sessions. Read more about their work here.

From the crisis of imagination to more-than-human imaginaries

Read a non-referenced version of Roy Bendor's keynote presentation at the conference here.

For more voices and opinions on the conference, you can follow the #esp22europe hashtag on Twitter.

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