ESP regional conference

Africa 2019

"Management of Ecosystem Services for Nature Conservation and Human Wellbeing in Africa"

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) organizes regional conferences every other year. This year Togo is hosting the Africa regional conference.

This conference is organized to draw attention to the key role ecosystems are playing in the development of the economy, human wellbeing and culture in (Sub-Saharan) Africa. Yet, in spite of all the benefits of ecosystem services (or Nature’s Contributions to People) the ecosystems providing them are facing many threats affecting the livelihoods and resilience of local communities.

Therefore, the theme of the conference is 'Management of Ecosystem Services for Nature Conservation and Human Wellbeing in Africa'. The conference welcomes everyone with an interest in the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of ‘Nature’s Contributions to People’ in Africa and its association with human wellbeing.

The ESP Africa Regional Conference is part of the bi-annual cycle of ESP regional conferences around the globe. ESP conferences are open to both ESP members and non-members. ESP members receive significant reductions to the conference registration fee and other benefits, however. ESP conferences are structured around the themes of the many ESP Working Groups.

  • Location: Togo, Africa
  • Date: 17-20 June 2019
  • Venue: Cristal Hotel, Kpalimé, Togo


Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts officially closed 17 February 2019; we received 92 abstracts and these are currently being reviewed. In case you want to submit a late abstract, this is still possible by using this link. We will do our best to quickly review it but cannot guarantee timely feedback. Please send an email to if you want to make use of this opportunity.

Session overview

Please check the session overview for detailed session information. Submission of session-proposals is not possible anymore. If you are still interested to submit a session or have other ideas for the program, please contact us.


Registration through the online registration form will start soon. We will inform you when the Early Bird registration is open.

Call for Papers of Special Issue

To all mountain ecosystem service scientists at ESP Africa 2019! Note that Ecosystem Services is preparing a special issue that should be of interest to you: “Mountain landscapes: protected areas, ecosystem services and future challenges”. Let’s make sure your work and your mountains are featured in this special issue! If you need support or advice in preparing a manuscript, feel free to get in touch with Davnah Payne at the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment ( Further information can be found here




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 participant registration