Ecosystem Services Partnership

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) aims to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, and to build a strong network of individuals and organizations. ESP enhances and encourages a diversity of approaches, while reducing unnecessary duplication of effort in the conceptualization and application of ecosystem services. By raising the profile of ecosystem services and promoting better practice, the ESP increases opportunities for financial support and help focus the funding of individual organizations for more efficient utilization of existing funds.

ESP connects over 3000 ecosystem services scientists, policy makers and practitioners who work together in more than 40 Working Groups and a growing number of National Networks on all continents. ESP is a membership based organisation, both  institutional and individual members can subscribe. The Partnership has a specified governance structure and Executive committee.

In 2006 ESP started to organise yearly conferences about ecosystem services. Since 2016 ESP shifted to bi-annual World Conferences  with Regional Conferences in the intermediate years. The previous ESP9 World Conference was in Shenzhen, China in 2017.


The ESP Regional Conferences offer an unique opportunity to share experiences with the ecosystem service community within the region. This way, regional networks can be strengthened and local participation is encouraged. In 2018 ESP organised various Regional Conferences. This year ESP organized its second regional conference in the Africa region. 


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy