Visa application

For most delegates a visa is required to Togo. In order to apply for a visa, the Togo Embassy or consulate in the home country needs to be contacted. Information on the visa requirements for your country can be found here. The requirements vary per country. Visa can also be issued at the airport of Lomé once arrived in Togo. Please contact the staff at the Togo Embassy of your home country for further details.

ESP conference invitation letter

The local organisers of the ESP conference can issue an ESP conference invitation letter. In the registration form, you can select that you are in need of an invitation letter. This letter can only be issued upon payment of your registration fee. Once your conference registration payment is received by ESP, you will be provided with an invitation letter within a two week notice.

As the registration, payment and visa application process might be lengthy, we strongly advise you to register for the conference in due time. Please note that when paying via bank transfer, it takes some time before the funds are received to our bank account.



participant registration
 participant registration