Venue & Logistics

The selected venue for this conference is the Cristal Hotel, Kpalimé, Togo. Kpalimé is a city in the south-west of Togo, situated approximately 120 km north of Lomé and 15 km from the Ghanaian border. Its beautiful scenery and pleasant tropical climate make Kpalimé a perfect tourist destination.

The city is accessible by public transport. The conference organisers will arrange transport from Lomé to Kpalimé and shuttle service from hotels to venue for conference participants. However, transportation from Kpalimé to Lomé after the conference should be arranged by the participants themselves. Further information can be found here.

We recommend conference participants to stay near the venue. You can find some recommendations for the accommodations in Kpalimé here.


CO2 compensation

When travelling from your location to the venue, we strongly advise you to choose the most sustainable means of transport. If flying is required, please make sure to CO2 compensate your flight either through a CO2 compensation program of your flight carrier or the CO2 compensation program supported by the ESP conference. More details about this program will follow soon.



participant registration
 participant registration