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SankalpTaru Foundation is an IT enabled NGO, planting trees from the majestic mountains of Uttarakhand Himalayas to the coasts of Tamil Nadu. The NGO is operational across 16 Indian states and is dedicated towards developing a lush green and biodiverse sustainable eco-system, while adopting agroforestry techniques to strengthen rural livelihood, empowering women and making schools cleaner and greener. SankalpTaru team aims at reducing the carbon footprint of the global public and mobilizing them for environmental conservation. Through GPS technology integrated with Google Earth and Maps, it has devised geo-tagging of trees, thus providing visibility and transparency to the stakeholders and contributors. With a vision of developing a lush green and biodiverse sustainable ecosystem by the use of their technology intervention, SankalpTaru is zealously working on the core philosophy of  “planting trees for the people, by the people” across India.

Call to action

Every breath, people are taking in toxins. Our lungs are being compromised. More importantly our children are being badly affected. So, let's plant trees for our future generations. With their ability to produce oxygen, absorb certain pollutants, reduce dust and help recharge ground water, trees are the greatest gift you can give to your children while reducing one's own carbon footprint.

Your 1 planted tree will -

  • Produce 118 Kg of oxygen each year
  • Absorb 22 Kg of CO2 each year
  • Produce enough oxygen to support 2 human lives for a year

Destruction facts

  • 15 billion trees are chopped down globally every year
  • 80,000 acres of forests disappear from the Earth every day
  • 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next 25 years due to deforestation
  • 1.9 million kg of carbon dioxide is released into air every second

Project Protect Himalayas (Uttarakhand)

Although nature has blessed Uttarakhand Himalayas with heavenly beauty, however the region has been greatly affected by landslides, floods and forest fires. To combat these challenges, SankalpTaru has initiated Project Protect Himalayas in Tehri and Chamoli districts to rehabilitate the beauty of Himalayan villages by mobilising communities and students for tree plantation and generating a self-sustainable eco-system.
Degrading water quality of River Ganga, polluting air due to large forest fires each year, change in rainfall patterns, loss of agro-diversity and destructed soil ecosystem have become the issues of major concern for Uttarakhand natives. Thus, as a mission to rejuvenate air, water and soil, Project Protect Himalayas is successfully heading by planting varied tree species to mitigate the environmental havoc. Tree species like Oak, Cedar, Rhododendron, Himalayan horse chestnut, Walnut and Apple are being planted in Tehri and Chamoli districts as a substitute to Pine which causes severe forest fires. Alongside, village natives are also being mobilized to prevent such incidents. Moreover, Project Protect Himalayas is also vigorously observing plantations of fruit-bearing trees to meet the nutritional requirement of local communities and planting fodder giving tree species to serve fodder and also fruits for wildlife and livestock.


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