Poster sessions

We welcome all of you to join the poster session!

There will be a poster session during 10:00~11:00 on Wednesday, 10 October. During this one hour, each poster presenter will have to 2~3 minutes to present their work and be ready for any questions about their posters. Participants can freely walk around and take a look at posters. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and discuss about the topic. 

Poster award

This year all posters automatically enroll in the election of best ESP poster. ESP will award this year’s best posters. The jury will consist of all participants of the ESP conference. Poster presentations are evaluated by ESP participants for their scientific quality, enthusiasm of the poster presenter, link to the conference theme “Communicating and Engaging Ecosystem Services in Policy and Practice in Asia”, and attractive lay-out. Each elected poster presenter will be awarded at the closing ceremony on 11 October. The future announcement will be made regarding the election method.

Special Poster Award Prize

Among three elected posters, one poster will be awarded with Galaxy Tab S4 (LTE) (267.2mm) (~$880) by National Institute of Ecology (NIE) of Korea.

National Institute of Ecology (NIE) is a national research institute that was established in 2013 under the Ministry of Environment of ROK. NIE supports national environmental policy making related to natural ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, and ecosystem services. NIE is conducting research and evaluation on ecosystem services at national and regional level in Korea and currently playing the role of IPBES TSU (International Biodiversity Science Organization Technical Support Team).

You can still decide to present the poster and have a chance to win the prize. Please submit the poster abstract here and bring your poster to the conference.

Poster requirements

For each poster abstract, one panel of a poster board will be available. The size of the panel is 90 x 120cm (w x h) as shown below. As long as your poster fits the panel and is larger than 60 x 90cm (w x h), you are allowed to deviate from the standard sizes. Presenter should print out and bring the poster to the conference.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy