Third ESP Europe Conference

Ecosystem Services Science, Policy and Practice in the face of Global Changes

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is happy to announce that its third ESP Europe Regional conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia from 7-10 June 2021. The conference theme is 'Ecosystem Services Science, Policy and Practice in the face of Global Changes'.
This conference will be organised as a hybrid event, allowing for both in-person and digital participation. 

COVID-19 update

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the 3rd ESP Europe Conference is organised as a hybrid event- allowing participants the opportunity to participate and engage at a level they are comfortable with - either face-to-face or virtually. Since it is still impossible to predict at this stage what the COVID restrictions will be in June, you can change the choice between on-site or virtual participation up to 2 weeks before the conference, i.e. until 24 May

Before traveling to Estonia, please check if any restrictions apply to your country. You can find information here and here. In case you registered for on-site participation but change to virtual we will reimburse the difference (provided you communicate the change before 24 May). In case you change from virtual to on-site we will send you an invoice for the additional charge.

Be well and stay safe!
Conference Organising Committee

Impacts of Global Changes on ecosystems and human societies are manifold. Changes have led to already tangible impacts, such as Climate Change which has unfolded over the course of the last decade in form of weather extremes, droughts and large wildfires, for example. Along with shifting climate patterns, biodiversity loss is causing structures and functions of ecosystems to be more vulnerable to change, and is altering the supply of vital ecosystem services. Land use and land cover changes as well as global trading and land ownership patterns cause further impacts on social-ecological systems. Such changes often lead to inequality between richer and poorer countries and to the radicalization of politics, which then undermine a  society’s capacity to cope with these growing impacts. In this context, ecosystem services science, policy and practice offer tools needed to tackle the challenges ahead. More importantly, the appropriate use of the ecosystems services concept can shift societies and governance systems towards sustainable pathways.

The ESP Europe 2021 Regional Conference is part of the bi-annual cycle of ESP regional conferences around the globe. The regional conferences follow our world conferences, of which the last world conference in Germany hosted more than 750 delegates from over 65 countries.



Did you miss the registration deadline? No, worries, registration is still open. The registration form will be accessible until 9 June 2021. Please check the registration page for more information and how to register. 

Digital platform

This conference will be held in a hybrid format - connecting delegates in Tartu with the ones participating online. To make this possible we will rely on a dynamic digital event platform "Let's Get Digital" from Event Insight. In addition to the various options offered in Let's Get Digital, we will also provide a lounge space in Gather town to hang out more informally. Read more about the digital platform.


Four training sessions will be organised; three trainings will be provided on Sunday and one on Monday. You can find more information on the trainings page. Registration can be done via the conference registration form

Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts is officially closed. The submission deadline was 22 February 2021In case you missed the deadline or would like to submit a late abstract, please contact us at

Call for sessions

The call for sessions is officially closed. The deadline for submissions was 30 September 2020. On the session overview page, you can find the overview of all accepted conference sessions. When you click the session title, the session description for that session will open.

ESP conferences are open to both ESP members and non-members. ESP members receive significant reductions to the conference registration fee and other benefits. ESP conferences are structured around the many ESP Working Groups, National Networks and Regional Chapters.


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Photo credit: Tartu Town Hall, visit Estonia
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