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The central conference theme was ‘Ecosystem Services for Nature, People and Prosperity’. The conference paid special attention to the public and private sector dialogue on how the ecosystem services concept can be used to support conservation, improve livelihoods and engage the business community. ESP conferences provide an excellent platform to engage with experts who can generate solutions to these challenges and start making a difference in practice. The 8th World ESP conference was held in South Africa from 9-13 November 2015 at the Spier Wine farm and Conference Centre in Stellenbosch.

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is a worldwide network, founded in 2008, to enhance the science and practical application of ecosystem services. To facilitate the needed dialogue between scientists, policy makers and practitioners ESP organises an annual international conference in different parts of the world.


ESP8 survey report

Many ESP8 participants took the time to fill in our survey. Please read the survey report here.


All presentations from the Confrence are now available (in PDF format) for viewing and download! Go to our Presentations page and follow the links to the collections of presentations from each session. 

ESP8 photos

Feel free to check the ESP8 conference photos here. All photos taken by our photographers have been uploaded. If you wish to upload photos you took during the conference, please visit our Facebook page or send them to conference@es-partnershp.org to upload. 

Poster awards

The poster award was won by Kamlisa Uni Kamlun from Germany for her poster 'Accounting Demand of Ecosystem Services Bundles Through Local Community Preferences in Tropical Wetland'. The second place went to Rebecca Runting, and the third place went to Annelies Boerema.

List of Participants 

If you would like to get in touch with someone you met at the conference, have a look at the list of participants






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