CO2 compensation

The ESP Conference Organising Committee is aware that the ESP8 conference impacts CO2 emissions. In our decision making we take sustainability and CO2 emissions into account as much as possible. For instance in our venue and catering selection. Vegetarian catering is offered by default.

Wildlands Treepreneur project

For the ESP8 conference we selected a local project which relates to the conference theme “Ecosystem services for Nature, People and Prosperity” and with which we can offset our CO2 emissions slightly.

The Wildlands Treepreneur project has been selected for this purpose. This local project encourages people in impoverished communities to grow trees in exchange for essential goods. The program enables communities to enhance local ecosystem health and their own well-being. This video shows what the Treepreneur project is about, a recommended watch!

ESP8 offers you the opportunity to buy an ‘ESP8-tree’ for €10,- through the registration form. If you wish, you can select multiple trees to buy. All money raised with the ‘ESP8-trees’ will be donated to the Treepreneur project.

One of the ESP8 field trips will be a Treepreneur planting day, during which ESP8-trees will be planted/ taken care of with the local community. Of course, we hope to raise enough trees to create a small ESP8 forest with the local community and have a positive impact on both the community and CO2 offset. 

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy