Poster sessions

This year we gave extra attention to the poster presentations by introducing the poster awards. Poster sessions took place on both Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00-18:30 in the Tamboer Lounge. Posters are grouped per Workshop. The workshop leads coordinated the poster presentations. Please check the poster presentation schedule to see which poster presentation will be given when. 

Poster award

This year all posters automatically enroll in the election of best ESP poster. ESP will award this year’s three best posters. The jury will consist of all participants of the ESP conference. At registration everyone will receive two voting ballots, one for the Tuesday poster session and one for the Thursday session. Poster presentations are evaluated by ESP participants for their scientific quality, enthusiasm of the poster presenter, link to the conference theme “Ecosystem services for Nature, People and Prosperity”, and attractive lay-out. Votes will only be collected during the poster sessions, so make sure to be there.

The poster award was won by Kamlisa Uni Kamlun from Germany for her poster 'Accounting Demand of Ecosystem Services Bundles Through Local Community Preferences in Tropical Wetland'. The second place went to Rebecca Runting, and the third place went to Annelies Boerema.

Poster requirements

For each poster abstract one panel of a poster board will be available. The size of the panel is 96 x 240(wxh) cm. It would fit one A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm) with a portrait orientation or one or two A1 posters in either a landscape or portrait orientation. As long as your poster fits the panel, you are allowed to deviate from the standard sizes.  

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy