Conference Program 

The conference program was a mix of interesting keynote speakers, plenary sessions and and workshops related to a specific theme. The central conference theme 'Ecosystem Services for Nature, People and Prosperity' was integrated in the plenary parts of the program.The table below gives an overview of the full conference program. The day-by-day program gives an overview of when each session will take place.

Please check the field trip page for available field trips, and the keynote page for more information about the keynote speakers. 


*) Pre-registration will take place on Sunday 8 November 17:00-19:00 (time might still be subject to change).

**) The ESP Member Forum is open to all Conference participants but only Full (paying) Members will have voting rights. ESP full members will receive an ‘Annual Report’ of ESP achievements and plans before the conference so presentations during the Conference can be short and the audience can prepare their questions.

***) Those who are not planning to attend the ESP Member Forum can use the time for ad-hoc meetings and/or to visit the poster room.


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy