All presentations from the conference (plenaries, workshops and keynotes) are now available online for viewing and download! 

You can find them in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

Plenary Sessions

Biome Working Group Workshops

B1 - Marine and coastal ecosystem services: improving science and influencing decision-making 

B2 - The role of mapping and quantification of ES in river restoration, lake restoration and groundwater resources management 

B3 - Multifunctional forest landscapes & Adapting Management and governance: The challenge to sustain multiple goods and services to mitigate climate change 

B4 - Ecosystem services in drylands across the world: current knowledge and future research agenda 

B5 - Ecosystem services assessment in a Mediterranean context: challenges, methods, facts, solutions 

B7 - Boosting ecosystem services in rural landscapes: perspectives on actions and evidence 

B8 - Urban Ecosystem Services: Approaches, Tools, and Frameworks for Dealing with Urban Complexity 

Sectoral Working Groups Workshops

S2a - Ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems: progress and prospects 

S2b - Bio-energy and ecosystem services 

S3 - Indigenous and local communities and their ecosystems 

S4 - Ecosystem services and nature conservation 

S5 - Ecosystem services in business 

Thematic Working Groups Workshops

T2 - Plant-soil feedbacks and adaptation to climate change 

T3 - Essential Ecosystem Variables 

T4a - New techniques for mapping ecosystem services: solutions for instant use and direct application 

T4b - Modeling and mapping ecosystem service capacity, flow and demand with data of varying quantity and quality

T5 - Modeling and scenario’s of ecosystem services for policy support and decision making 

T6 - Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services in science-policy-practice 

T7 - Use of ES in trade-off assessment tools and other DSS

T8 - The role of ecosystem services in disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable development 

T9 - Ecosystem services to connect spatial planning and impact assessment approaches 

T10 - Co-investment approaches at the landscape scale 

T11 - Ecosystem accounting: Advances, Lessons learned, and Implications for Decision-Making 

T12 - Governance of Ecosystem Services: Multiple actors at multiple levels of hybrid governance approaches – Who is in and why? 

Special Sessions/ Ateliers Workshops

O3 - Telling Stories, Changing Policy: How We Can Bring Ecosystem Services From Idea To Action 

O4 - Let’s go local! – an open platform for mutual learning using a local case to address management challenges 

O5 - Ignite Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation with new approaches 

O6 - Biodiversity Stewardship in South Africa 

O7 - The State and Practice of Applying an Ecosystem Services Framework to Federal Natural Resource Management Decisions in the United States 

O8 - TEEB areas of work and global/regional results and challenges / TEEB country studies with special attention to the African continent 

O9 - Finding strong and useful arguments – building bridges between research, politics and practice (for ESAV) 

O10 - Pathways to impact for ecosystem services in decisions 

O11 - Making IPBES work for stakeholders 

O12 - Three South African Case studies: Collaborations between business and civil society on restoring water catchments 

O0 - Cross cutting issues: use of ES to achieve development goals, sustainable tourism and environmental markets 


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy