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'Healthy ecosystems for resilient societies' was the theme of the first regional Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conference to take place in Cali, Colombia from 18-21 October 2016. This ESP conference convened scientists, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the role that ecosystem services can play to reduce socioeconomic tensions in the region and achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

The conference had the following results:

  • over 200 participants from 23 (mostly Latin American) countries;
  • 9 excellent keynote presentations who approached ecosystem services from different angles;
  • engaging panel discussions;
  • more than 150 scientific presentations;
  • 829624 timeline deliveries on Twitter;
  • 3 field visits to sites were ecosystem services science was put into practice;
  • a lot of enthousiastic delegates, click for photos;
  • a strenghtened ecosystem services regional network;
  • a great foundation for a second regional Latin American ESP conference in 2018!
  • click here to view the survey results


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