All presentations from the conference (plenaries, workshops and keynotes) are now available online for viewing and download! 

You can find them in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

Keynote presentations

Cerrando la brecha entre ciencia y políticas principios de las evaluaciones de servicios ecosistemicos orientadas a impactos (GIZ)

Embrapa Research Network on Ecosystem Services in Brazil (E. Fidalgo)

Valoración Integral de la Biodiversidad y los Servicios Ecosistémicos: hacia la construcción colectiva del territorio y la inclusión de valores (A. Rincón)


Biome Working Group Sessions

B1 Ecosystem services and sustainable territorial development in marine and coastal areas: opportunities and challenges for the good life

B2 Coastal Marine Ecosystem Services: A scope from MESP in Latin America and the use for decision making

B3 Wetlands ecosystem services

B4 Ecosystem services in the context of the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon basin

B6 Mountain ecosystem services

B7 Ecosystem services in rural settings

B8 Ecosystem services in urban landscapes


Sectoral Working Group Sessions

S2 Ecosystem service in Rural landscapes in Brazil

S3 What drives landowners to modify their productive practices and conserve their forests? 

S4 Challenges of forest conservation in Mexico: analysis of different instruments from a multidisciplinary perspective 

S5 Incorporating Natural Capital in Sustainable Development


Thematic Working Group Sessions

T4 Mapping and modeling ecosystem services: Comparing methods

T6 Integrated valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services

T12b Ecosystem services and climae chang: What policies and what management for addressing the multiple challenges of climate change mitigation and adpatation in Latin America?

T14 Scenarios: a tool for planning and governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services

T15 Contribution of ecosystem services to well-being of rural poor in Latin America

T16 Advances and bottlenecks in the implementation of PES schemes for water and carbon-related ES

T18 Policy and institutional analysis to understand trade-off in Ecosystem Services provision


Open and Special Sessions

O1 Ecosystem services and the goals of sustainable development (ODS): Antagonisms or synergies?

O2 Environmental conflicts and ecosystem services

O3 Law and ecosystem services

O6 Ecosystem services assessment for policy impacts: experiences from practice to the international cooperation in Latin America

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 event registration made easy