Thank you for your interest in hosting a session during the ESP conference in China from 11-15 December 2017. The formal submission-period closed April 30, however submission of session-proposal is still possible until May 15

Through this form you can submit your session proposal. The conference scientific committee will review your session proposal. We aim to confirm your session before 15 May. If your session is reviewed positively, we will send you session host guidelines asap.

Please note that as a host of a session, you will be required to review abstracts submitted to your session and will have to engage in some other responsibilities in order to make your session and the conference successful.


Please provide us with information about who will be involved in your session organisation. In principle, we will contact both you and the co-hosts you indicate below.


Your session

Please provide us with information about the proposed title, content and objectives of your session.

Relation of session to ESP

In order to embed ESP conference sessions within the ESP structure of Working Groups and Regional Chapters, we would like to know how your proposed session relates to this structure. This will help to improve the integration between the activity of our members offline and online through the conference and website, and further strengthen the network.

Additional information

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy