Training Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation as Strategies to Provide Ecosystem Services

Given by Andre Clewell, Ph.D., Instructor

Pre-conference Training

This one-day training addresses the advantages of ecological restoration and rehabilitation for recovering environmental services that were lost on account of ecosystem degradation.  The training explains restoration according to the principles and project standards approved by the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER).  The Restoration Recovery Wheel will be introduced—a new method adopted by SER for assessing restoration recovery during the course of a restoration or rehabilitation project.  Ecological restoration treats recovery holistically in terms of physical conditions, biodiversity, landscape exchanges, resilience, and sustainability in order to satisfy socioeconomic, cultural, ecological, and personal values. Advantages of ecological restoration will be discussed over actions designed to enhance only a specific environmental service. The training will be valuable for those offering university courses in restoration and rehabilitation and instructing practitioners who install restoration projects.

The training consists of 6 hours of lectures and participant discussion in a classroom setting. Participants will receive a copy of the just-published book, Management of Ecological Rehabilitation Projects by Junguo Liu and Andre Clewell, in either English or Chinese language editions.

The Instructor, Andre Clewell (USA), is a past-president of SER and has given trainings in restoration previously in China and on 5 continents.  He authored the influential book, Ecological Restoration: Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession, now in its 2nd edition and available in 4 languages.

Practical information

The training will be organised on Sunday 10 December. Registration for the pre-conference training can take place through the conference registration form. Please select 'pre-conference training' in the form in order to register. The costs of the training are €75,- , and for (PhD) students €50. The training includes coffee/tea and lunch, and delegates will receive a copy of Management of Ecological Rehabilitation Projects. The training will be provided in English.

If you want to participate in the trainings make sure to book your flight accordingly. Information regarding accommodation can be found here.

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