Keynote speakers

Throughout the week several keynote speakers addressed the conference theme Ecosystem Services for Eco-civilization: Restoring connections between people and landscapes through nature-based solutions. Perspectives on this theme from science, policy and practice backgrounds were presented.

Below an overview is given of the keynote speakers. Click the presentation titles below to view the presentations in PDF.

Special guest and keynote speaker

HRH Princess Basma bint Ali, Royal Botanic Garden, Jordan

Enhancing Ecosystem Services through Ecological Restoration for Nature and People


Robert Costanza, ANU, Australia

Twenty years of ecosystem services

Sonya Dewi, ICRAF, Indonesia

Achieving Green Growth through Land Use Planning for Multiple Ecosystem Services 

Helen Ding, WRI, USA

Economics and finance of landscape restoration: Opportunities, challenges and the way forward  

B. Larry Li, University of California at Riverside, USA

The way forward: a biophysical exploration in quantifying ecosystem services

Junguo Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Ecological restoration and Eco-civilization in China

Zhiyun Ouyang, CAS, China

Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services into policy making in China

Simone Quatrini, UNCCD, Germany

Unlocking finance for sustainable development: the land degradation neutrality fund (presentation can't be made available online)

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