Poster session

The poster session took place Monday 11 December. During the poster session there was a selected jury to rate the posters and poster presenters.

Poster award

All posters were automatically enrolled in the election for best ESP poster award. Poster presentations were evaluated for their scientific quality, enthusiasm of the poster presenter, link to the conference theme, and attractive lay-out.

These are the Poster award winners:

1st prize, 1 month sponsored research visit to SUSTech

Kana Tatebayashi, Accounting shadow value of non-market food distribution through social networks in Hachijo Island, Japan.

2nd prize, Free open access publication in Ecosystem Services

Paula Rendon, Analysis of trends in mapping and assessment of ecosystem condition in Europe, Germany.

3rd prize, Free open access publication in Environments Journal

Sarah Pogue, A framework for ecosystem service assessment in agricultural systems: a whole system farm-level approach, Canada

3rd prize, Free open access publication in IJBESM

Ilkwon Kim, Farmers’ decision-making on organic farming with regard to water-related ecosystem services in South Korea, South Korea.

3rd prize, Free open access publication in OneEcosystem

Y. Choi, Restoration of ecological wetland utilizing the abandoned road in Woraksan national park, South Korea.

Poster award winners will be contacted in person regarding their prize.

Poster requirements

For each poster abstract one panel of a poster board will be available. You will need to bring your poster yourself in print. On site, there will be no printing opportunity.

The size of the panel is 80 x 200 (wxh) cm. It would fit one A1 posters (59.1x84.1 cm) in landscape orientation. As long as your poster fits the panel, you are allowed to deviate from the standard sizes.  

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy