In 2006 ESP started to organise yearly conferences about ecosystem services. Since 2016 ESP shifted to bi-annual World Conferences (WC) with Regional Conferences in the intermediate years. The previous ESP8 World Conference was in South Africa in 2015. This year we will go to Asia: Shenzhen, China.


The ESP World Conference is a unique opportunity to share experiences with the international ecosystem service community and discuss options for implementing the ecosystem services concept to support ecosystem restoration and sustainable, nature-based-solutions in natural, rural and urban areas.

The conference keynotes will highlight diverse aspect of the overarching theme, while the conference sessions will largely be determined by the participants and provide ample space for the many ESP Working Groups to get together and bring the science, policy and practice further. In addition, there will be a market place, poster sessions and many other interactive program-elements.

Special excursions will be organised whereby we will try to link the discussions during the conference with practical experiences in the field to make your stay in Shenzhen, and China a memorable and knowledge-enriching experience.

Why Shenzhen

China has a rapidly expanding community of scientists who publish innovative ES work in international journals, and a growing number of policy-makers and practitioners eager to implement the ecosystem services approach to achieve a more eco-friendly society.

In and near Shenzhen there are many examples of these initiatives. Hosting the ESP9 conference there can provide an important incentive for further developing and applying the ecosystem services approach to support more eco-, and people-friendly (eco)systems.


We are very grateful to our local host, the Southern University of Science and Technology, and the Local Organising Committee chaired by Prof. Junguo Liu and supported by Dr. Feng Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr. Jun Yang (Tsinghua University.) and Dr. Lian Yu (Society of Ecological Rehabilitation Beijing). Read more about those involved in the conference organisation.





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