Session proposals are now welcome!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a session during the ESP conference in China from 11-15 December 2017.

The call for sessions is open to anyone who is interested in hosting a session during the ESP9 world conference. Through the session proposal submission form you can submit your session. The formal submission-period closed April 30.

In order to submit your session proposal, you would need the following:

  • list host(s) of your session
  • title of your session
  • short session description
  • list goals and objectives of your session
  • provide a short description of your planned output
  • decide whether your session will be open to voluntary contributions, with which we mean abstracts that you are willing to review submitted abstracts from anyone interested in presenting their work during your session
  • provide insight in how your session proposal is embedded in the Working Group structures of ESP.

The conference scientific committee will review your session proposal. We aim to confirm your session before 15 May. If your session is reviewed positively, we will send you session host guidelines.

Please note that as a session host, you will be required to review abstracts submitted to your session (if you accept voluntary contributions) and will have to engage in some other responsibilities in order to make your session and the conference successful.

After the sessions are confirmed on 15 May, we plan to open the abstract submission. To clarify, abstract submission is different from submitting a session proposal. If you submit a session proposal, you will host a session as an organiser. If you submit an abstract, you will present your abstract in a session. It depends on the session host how much time you will be given to present your abstract.

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event registration made easy
 event registration made easy