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Getting around

When travelling to Shenzhen, there are several options. Below the most convenient ways to get to the venue and other useful information are provided.

Airport - Kylin Villa

From Shezhen airport

If arriving at Shenzhen airport, we advise you to arrange an airport pick-up with your hotel. 

Public transport directions will be provided still.

From Hong Kong airport

You can travel directly to Shenzhen from the airport by ferry without passing through Hong Kong immigration. However, you will need a Chinese visa in advance as you cannot obtain one at Hong Kong airport. From Hong Kong airport you can get to two ferry terminals in Shenzhen: Shekou Ferry Terminal (蛇口客运码头) & Fuyong Ferry Terminal (福永码头). The Shekou terminal is most convenient to get to Kylin. Information about ferries is available on the Hong Kong International Airport official website. Click here to watch a video about how to make use of the Sky Pier ferry service.

The route will take 30 minutes and start from 9:00 to 21:45 (in total 14 times every day). It will cost HKD 340 per adult.

From Hong Kong

If you are in Hong Kong, and went through the customs of the airport, there are two convenient ways to travel to Shenzhen.

  1. MTR subway: By this way, you need to pass through Hong Kong immigration and a visa for Hong Kong might be required, depending on your nationality. Firstly, take bus No.A43 to Sheung Shui station (上水站) near the airport terminal 1 and 2. And then you can take the Shenzhen subway line 1 to Lo Wu station (罗湖站).
  2. Buses: There is also a selection of buses at the airport that travel directly to Shenzhen. However, they require you to pass through Hong Kong immigration first, and a visa for Hong Kong is needed. For more details, please check the website:

Within Shenzhen

Shekou Ferry Terminal - Kylin Villa
  • Walking 1267m from the Shekou Ferry Terminal to the subway station – Shekou Port (蛇口港)
  • Take Subway Line 2 (heading to Xinxiu direction 新秀方向): From Shekou Port Station (蛇口港) to Antuoshan station (安托山)
  • In the Antuoshan station (安托山), transfer to subway line 7 (heading to Xili lake direction 西丽湖): From Antuoshan station (安托山) to xili lake station (西丽湖), and exit the subway station at B exit.
  • Walk 496m to take bus No.66/49/b797/m460 (heading to Wangjingkeng Village direction 王京坑村方向): From Zoo Bus Terminal station (动物园总站) to Kylin Villa station (麒麟山庄接待处站) which is 3 stops, and the Kylin Villa Garden Hotel Luxury is 72m away from the bus station.

Social media use

Please note that some commonly used website and applications are not available in China. Google products (Gmail, Google Cloud, Drive, Maps) are not accessible, please make sure to save your work in such way that you can access it during the conference. There are ways to work around this through a paid VPN connection. Some commonly used social media applications (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) also do not work in China.

Skype, Microsoft, Tripadvisor, and WhatsApp are accessible.   


In China Google Maps doesn't work. In case you would like to make use of navigation, we advise you to download Baidu Map or Maps.Me.

In Baidu Map, English street or hotel names are not available. Therefore, the Chinese names of possible destinations (e.g. bus stations and hotels) are provided above. These can be copy-pasted in the application.

Maps.Me allows you to download maps and use them offline.


The currency in China is the Chinese Yuan. When travelling from Hong Kong, please note that in Hong Kong the Hong Kong dollar is used.

The most convenient way to pay in China is the AliPay which is a commonly used mobile payment. You can create a new account using your email address/Facebook/Phone number. Find more information about how to register and use the AliPay.


To help you get around in China, we can recommend using the app Waygo to translate Chinese texts directly. This app is especially convenient if you would like to translate menu's for instance.

To translate conversations, iTranslate can be used.

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