Conference Organising Committee (COC)


  • Dr. Kazuhiko Moji (Global Humanities and Social Sciences, Nagasaki University)


  • Dr. Minoru WADA (Fisheries, NU)
  • Dr. Rudolf de Groot, Chair of Ecosystem Services Partnership 

In collaboration with Y. K. Sin, Chair of Governing Board of ESP Asia RO

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

LOC is comprised of following members:

  • Dr. Takahiro OTA (Environmental Science, NU)
  • Dr. Yuzuru UTSUNOMIYA (Economics, NU)
  • Dr. Bunpei TOJO (Tropical Health and Global Health, NU)

Scientific Program Committee (SPC)

SPC is comprised of following members:



* With support from ESP HQ and Asia RO Secretariat

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