Book of abstracts

The sessions are clustered according to the ESP Working Groups: Biome (B), Sectoral (S) and Thematic (T) Working Groups. Also, General sessions (G) will be organised.

Please click the links below to see the book of abstracts for all the sessions. By clicking on the clusters, you will be directed to that cluster. The links behind the bullets relate to the session descriptions. Also, links to the ESP Working Groups are included. 

All times mentioned in the program and anywhere on this website are in JST - Japan Standart Time (GMT+9). 


B. Biome Working Group Sessions

S. Sectoral Working Group Sessions

T. Thematic Working Group Sessions

O. Open Sessions

B. Biome Sessions

BWG 3– Forests & Woodlands
BWG 10 – Urban systems

S. Sectoral Sessions

SWG 9 – Indigenous people & Local communities

T. Thematic Sessions

TWG 1 – ES Assessment frameworks & Typologies
TWG 4 – Mapping ES
TWG 6 –  Integrated valuation of ES
TWG 8 – Cultural services & Values
TWG 9 – ES & Public health
TWG 13 –  Role of ES in Ecosystem restoration

TWG 16 – ES Financing mechanisms (incl. PES)

O. Open Sessions

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