ESP Asia Forum

Special Issue(ECOSER) on Gauging People's Sense of Wellbeing

from Eco-health Perspectives in Asia


When: Dec. 16, 11:00~17:00 (local time)

Where: Virtual(Japan)

Host(s): Prof. Minoru WADA, Nagasaki University and Dir. Namue Lee, ESP Asia RO.

Brief descriptio

People can have a sense of wellbeing under proper access to ecosystem services. However, due to multiple stresses caused by climate change, excessive economic development and exploitation of natural resources, it has become more and more difficult for people interacting with ecosystems to feel secure about their health and wellbeing in recent years. In order to help alleviate people’s suffering, it is crucial to know how they live and what they need in coping with the ever-changing environment. One of the ways to get the picture of people’s health and wellbeing is to look at their traditional food and livelihood, particularly through farming (agriculture) and fisheries that have relied on sustainability of the ecosystem services.

In this session, we call for contributions that address challenges or provide practical insights in gauging the health and wellbeing under diverse interactions between humanity and ecosystem services in Asian rural and urban areas.

Tentative timetable

  • (11:00~11:05) opening and greetings
  • (11:05~11:20) Overview of past ESP-Asia Forum and related activities(SI publication), Purpose of this session and expectations
  • (11:20~13:00) Presentation of research abstract and papers + Q&A/Discussion
  • (13:00-14:00) Break
  • (14:00-16:50) Presentation of research abstract and papers + Q&A/Discussion
  • (16:50-17:00) Closing

Planned output

To publish a special issue, “Eco-health in Asia” in the journal of “Ecosystem Services (ECOSER)” 
- This special issue will aim at addressing research gaps, methodologies and policy implications of public health effects of ecosystem services approaches in Asia

Planned timeline of the suggested special issue publication

  • By the end of Sept. 2021:  Call for papers at the website of Elsevier ES
  • Dec. 16, 2021: Presentation of research abstracts and papers
  • By the end of Feb. 2022: Submission deadline of manuscripts at the ECOSER
  • March 2022 ~: Processing reviews ( in general, the peer review process will take 6-8 months)

  **The timetables might still be subject to change. For further inquiries, please contact or



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