ESP conferences

Since 2008 ESP has organised several conference about ecosystem services. Since 2016 ESP organises world conferences in the uneven year, and regional conferences in the even year in a bi-annual cycle. The following conferences have been organised previously:

Upcoming ESP conferences

  • ESP Africa Conference, Ecosystem services for the future: Delivering value for Nature, Livelihoods and Economic Investment, 7-10 December 2021, Rwanda
  • ESP MENA ConferenceMainstreaming Ecosystem Services into regional, national and sectoral policies in the Middle East and Northern Africa, 1-3 September 2021, Morocco
  • ESP Europe conference, Ecosystem Service Science, Policy and Practice in the face of Global Changes, 7-10 June 2021, Estonia
  • ACES-ESP conference, 13-16 December 2021, USA

Past ESP World conferences

Past ESP Regional conferences

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 event registration made easy